RAW Natural Born Artists

My first blog entry.
Realistically, I hope that no one reads this but since I can literally see how many people do go to my blog section for some odd reason, I guess there will be a few of you.

Today, I got a really exciting e-mail from the Showcase Director of the Seattle showing of RAW:Natural Born Artists called TREND. Apparently, she saw a posting on my Instagram of one of my paintings and was "blown away." She immediately asked that I be in the showing.
I got to go to their website and do a little bit of research as well as make my own artist profile and officially apply for the showing (since everything has to be all official). I was actually blown away by the whole organization and everything it has to offer for artists, especially ones that aren't well known yet, such as myself.
This is a step in the right direction. When I'm not even asking for things, they fall right in my lap. 

The showing will be on June 23rd at Studio Seven in Seattle, WA. I'll be finding out more information soon!